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St. Vincent Pallotti Sr. Sec. School

"The motto of our school, “Go Forth to Serve” is a clarion call to selfless service to humanity. The letter ‘V’ and ‘P’ in the flame signify the spirit of our holy founder, St. Vincent Pallotti, who immortalized the attitude of unflinching love and service to all even at the cost of life. The halo surrounding the flame signifies that the light of knowledge imparted to students will enable them to achieve an all-encompassing development in life.



Technology has its place in every curricular subject. Our Science laboratories, for instance, are specially equipped for computer simulation of dangerous experiments. Less predictably, perhaps, there is a wealth of relevant equipments available for such experiments. Large, fully equipped laboratories are there to encourage students to partially explore what they have learnt theoretically and inculcate in them the scientific temper of experimentation and validation. The school has the following laboratories: Science Labs: Physics, Biology, Chemistry





  • The school is rum in Bilaspur by the Registered Society known as the Vidya Sagar Sangh, which is a charitable organization. The sole purpose of this society is to independently manage all aspects of this school in order to meet the ever changing educational needs of the people in and around this area.

  • The administration consists of : the President of the Society, who is the elected Superior of the Pallottine Fathers in India, The Manager & the Principal.



  • New pupils must be introduced personally by the parents or guardians who will be responsible to the principal for their regularity of attendance, payment of fees and discipline.

  • A pupil who fails to take the school leaving certificate (T.C.) within a month of leaving school, will be levied a search fee. An amount will be charged also for the duplicate copy or any extra from the school register.

  • If pupils, for some unexplained reason, are absent from school for more than a fortnight (2 weeks), their names will be struck off the rolls, and as a rule, they are not re admitted, they will have to pay the admission fee again. The principal’s decision will be final.

  • The management has right of say as to on what condition they will admit or retain the pupils in the school, in conformity with the instructions issued by the board of education to which the school is affiliated.

  • (a) Application for T.C. must be submitted by 8th April of new session. No fees will then be charged, expect charges.

  • (b) Students applying for T.C. after 8th April will have to pay all new initial school fees.

  • (c) Students attending any class in the new academic session, starting 1st April, will have to pay all fees, including first installment.



The following the principal goals of the school:

  • 1. To educate the child to cope with an ever more competitive environment.
    2. To actualize the potentials of the child.
    3. To equip the child with the necessary academic learning and hands-on experience of the situations faced in life.
    4. To develop in the child an understanding of life and its challenges.
    5. To foster a respect for persons of every religion, caste and upbringing.
    6. To install an attitude of hard work and discipline for the achievement of goals.

    Modes of Education:

    Instruction / Lecture

    Globalization in every sphere of society has important implications for education. Education aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive and global citizens. However, our teachers are trained to use a variety of tools and techniques for assessment by continuously monitoring student’s progress in non – threatening and supportive environment.

    Projects and Research

    A child is required to wire projects, assignments, etc. on different topics according to his/her interest hereby he/she can already discover latent aptitudes and later choose them as professional students. The students will be closely monitored by the teachers.

    Regular Assessment

    The scheme of assessment related to student’s performance is based on the scholastic domain (Academics, work-experience, physical and health education and art education) and co-scholastic domain (life-skills, attitude and values and outdoor activities). Thus, the child’s progress is evaluated not only by his/her studies but also by the overall performance throughout the year. The aim is to reduce the heavy dependence on annual examinations, thereby distributing the “burden” of studies evenly throughout the year and making them less cumbersome for students.

    Audio-Visual aids

    Knowledge is enhanced through enforcement via senses. We utilize the latest technology, viz. teaching with the help of projectors, computers and virtual worlds. This ensures that students learn in ever-renewing modes of communication.



For Pre Primary & Nursery

Boys: Half sleeved red & white check shirt, black shorts, red bow & red socks.
Girls: Half sleeved white blouse, red and white check waist coat, red bow and red socks.

For classes I to V weekdays:

Boys : Half sleeved beige shirt with brown collar and school on left breast pocket & brown paints.
Girls : Half sleeved beige blouse with brown painafore with school logo on the left lapel of the pinafore, two plaits/ponytails tied with brown ribbon / brown hair band.
For both boys and girls : school tie, school belt, brown socks and plain black shoes.
Winter : brown & beige pullovers

For classes VI & XII weekdays:

Boys : full sleeved beige shirt with brown collar & cuffs and school logo on the left breast pocket & brown full pants.
Girls : full sleeved beige blouse with brown collar & cuffs and brown pinafore with school logo on the left lapel of the pinafore, two plaits / ponytails tied with brown ribbon/ brown hair band.
For both boys and girls: school tie, school belt, brown socks and plain black shoes.
Winter : brown & beige pullovers.


Boys: half sleeved white T-shirt (As per house colours) & white pants.
Girls : half sleeved white T-shirt (As per house colours) & white skirt.
For both boys and girls : school belt, white socks and white shoes.
Winter: brown & beige pullovers.



  • Every pupil of this school is required to have a copy of the school manual which must be brought to school on all school days, failing which one may forfeit that day’s attendance. One should, moreover, make oneself acquainted with the rules and obey them. Ignorance of the rule will plead no excuse for it’s sanction. Result could be the child being sent home or parents being called to school.

  • Irregular attendance, habitual requests for leave, obscenity (verbal or by act), insubordination to teachers and any kind of cheating are serious misconduct. Even outside the school premises, any habits or behavior objectionable to the spirit of the school are sufficient reason for the expulsion of a pupil from the school.

  • All pupil should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. Wrong uniform or appearance in violation of regulations will not be allowed.

  • Running, playing or shouting inside the school building, particularly in the classrooms, in never allowed. Pupils should not be loitering during class hours.

  • Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belonging.

  • Care must be taken of all school property and no one should scratch or spoil desks, benches, chairs or damage any school furniture.

  • Care should be taken that the younger ones are not harmed in any way.

  • Any damage done in class or around the school premises will have to be made good by those responsible will have to be made good by those responsible fro it. The decision of the principal regarding the penalty will be final.

  • No books, newspaper, periodicals (other that the text books), transistors or mobiles should be brought to school without the approval of the premises.

  • Being an English medium school, it is expected that students speak English in the school premises.

  • For breach of any kind of school rules or norms of conduct, a pupil may be punished or fined at the discretion of the principal. Dishonesty could be penalized by expulsion from the school.

  • In case of absence, no child will be admitted to class without a leave note signed by the parent/guardian. In case of long leave, prior application should be given to the principal.

  • It may be noted that children will not be sent home in an emergency with any one who might come for them during the school hours, without a written request by the parent or guardian, whose signature will be verified from the school records.

  • Every student must possess an English dictionary and it must be brought to the school daily. A student may be sent home for not bringing the dictionary.

  • >
  • Special care must be taken by pupils and teachers to maintain an atmosphere of silence and serious work during class hours.

  • No child will be admitted to class if he/she is suffering from infection diseases like common cold, mumps, chicken pox, measles, flu, etc.


The innovative Math lab ensures the understanding and verification of various theories and concepts of Math by using the manipulators, interactive mathematical tools and computer interface.


Examination and Promotion


Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is done for each student. Students are assessed in scholastic areas through paper-pen tests, assignments projects and other activities throughout the academic session. Students are also assessed in co-scholastic areas as an on-going process.
The academic session has two Terms. The First Term will be from April to September, and Second Term from October to March. Each Term has one Periodic Test and one Terminal Examination. Apart from these, weekly tests are being conducted throughout the year. The syllabus of each test is given to the students 10 days before. Grades are also awarded for the weekly tests, projects and group activities.
TERM I: 20% + 30% = 50% TERM II: 20% + 30% = 50%; TERM I 50% + TERM II 50%. 100% Students must obtain the qualifying grade (minimum D grade) in all subjects under Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas.


An academic year has been divided into two parts. The First Term will be from April to September and Second Term from October to March. Each Term has one Periodic Test and one Terminal Examination. School follows CBSE guidelines. Therefore, 10%, 20% and 30% syllabus of Term I is included in classes VI, VII and VIII respectively for Term II. The assessment also includes weekly tests, quizzes, conversations, interviews, projects, practical assignments, class wise home work etc.

TERM I: 20% + 30% = 50% TERM II: 20% + 30% = 50%; TERM I 50% + TERM II 50%. 1.00%


An academic year has been divided into two parts. The First Term will be from April to September and Second Term from October to March. Each Term has one Periodic Test and one Terminal Examination. Term I Examination is not counted for the result. School follows CBSE guidelines.

Internal assessment 20% + Written 80% = 100%

Internal assessment includes periodic test marks, attendance, projects, practical examinations, assignments, assessment of listening and speaking etc.

Written examination will comprise the whole syllabus.


Class XI Examination shall be conducted internally by the school, while class XII Examination shall be conducted by the board. The evaluation criteria for all the subjects are based on CBSE guidelines.

An academic year is divided into two Terms. The First Term will be from April to September and Second Term from October to March. Each term has one Periodic Test and one Terminal Examination.

Periodic Tests 20% + Term I 35% + Term II 45% = 100%

Internal assessment includes periodic test marks, attendance, projects, practical examinations, assignments, assessment of listening and speaking etc.


Teachers play a vital role in the formation of the personality of the children. They are backbone of any institution. The success of school is attributed to good administration, as well as to the dedication and devotion of the teachers. St. Vincent Pallotti Sr. Sec. School aims at very efficient administration, aided by dedicated and well-trained staff, whose aim would be total commitment to all round excellence.

S.No.NameDesignation Class Teacher DobExperience
1 FR. Sumit Kumar Baxla PRINCIPAL 09/06/1969 9
2 Mrs. Nayantara Singh PRT NURSERY A 03/25/1965 24
3 Mrs. Rashmi Lewis PRT NURSERY B 11/03/1977 12
4 Mrs. Jaymanti Kujur PRT NURSERY C 05/06/1979 16
6 Mrs. Alisa Minj PRT Subject Teacher 03/05/1987 4
7 Ms. Kiran Anjana Kerketta PRT PPII C 09/03/1994 2
8 Mrs Priyanka Toppo PRT PP-II A 01/31/1987 9
9 Mrs. Usha Singh - PPIIB 05/04/1972 15
10 Mrs. Ritika Dey PRT IV A 12/08/1986 5
11 Mrs. Roma Mishra PRT I A 07/01/1958 10
12 Ms. Sujata Tirkey PRT I B 11/08/1993 6
13 Mrs Arunjyoti Xalxo PRT I C 02/06/1984 10
14 Mrs. Sumita Dewangan PRT II A 12/12/1979 3
15 Mrs. Mamta Bibay PRT IV B 04/21/1964 28
16 Mrs. Violet Hendricks PRT II C 02/07/1972 18
17 Mrs. Sweete Vishwakarma PRT III A 11/30/1983 8
18 Mrs. Tarini Dewangan PRT III B 12.08.1979 3
19 Mrs. Anita Xalxo PRT III C 06/24/1976 4
20 Mrs. Nazneen Khan TGT Subject Teacher 12/29/1988 6
21 Mrs. Versha Rani Shrivas PRT V A 06/22/1986 8
22 Ms. Neelam Pandey PRT IV C 10/21/1990 5
24 Mr. Parvez Anwar TGT VII A 12/02/1965 18
25 Mrs. Sangeeta Roy TGT V C 08/06/1988 8
26 Ms. Jane Madhura Tigga TGT VI A 09/18/1986 5
27 Mrs. Sheral Ansell TGT VI B 07/19/1967 17
28 Mrs. Sangita Vasing TGT VI C 08/11/1969 10
29 Mrs. Sulekha Abhijeet Luka TGT Subject Teacher 08/25/1992 5
30 Mrs. Marina Lucy Burrowes TGT Subject Teacher 09/04/1979 10
31 Ms. Preeti Rani TGT V B 07/21/1989 4
32 Mrs. Bala Lovett TGT Subject Teacher 12/25/1964 21
33 Mrs. Chitra Dutta TGT VIII B 09/29/1978 4
34 Mrs. Deepa Tirkey PGT VIII C 10/16/1972 7
35 Mrs. Jyoti Pathak PGT X B 07/01/1978 15
36 Mr. Syed Javed Akhtar PGT IX B 06/08/1961 11
37 Mrs. Rupali Paul TGT X A 03/13/1987 2
38 Mrs. Rittika Chhabra PGT Subject Teacher 07/21/1984 14
39 Mrs. Neetu Mishra TGT IX A 03/05/1977 16
40 Mrs.Padma Iyer PGT IX C 06/17/1968 33
41 Mr. Arvind Beck TGT XI A 21.06.1990 2
42 Mrs. Teena Mathew PGT XI B 03/23/1982 14
44 Mr. Vikas Lakra PGT XII A 03/12/1981 6
45 Mrs. Alka Agrawal PGT XII B 03/16/1966 28
46 Mr. Ashish Tiwari PGT XII C 03/05/1975 19
47 Mrs Rajeshwari Chandra PGT SPORTS 06/09/1986 11
48 Mr. Asif Ali PGT Sr. SPORTS 07/10/1988 7
49 Ms. Kanta Kujur PRT SPORTS 05-06.1993 3
50 Mr. Harish Kumar Patel PRT SPORTS 02/09/1992 2
51 Mrs Camlina Ashwin Ram PGT XI C 09/25/1985 10
52 Mr. Benedict Ekka PGT X C 02/27/1984 9
53 Mrs. Barkha Saraf PGT VII B 06/15/1979 14
54 Mrs. Deepa Gupta PGT VII C 06/26/1987 2
55 Ms. Shweta Ghuriyani TGT Subject Teacher 10/06/1992 11
56 Mrs. Kiran Tirkey PRT PP-1 04/18/1969 19
57 Mrs. Jayanti Minj PRT Subject Teacher 07/18/1971 9
58 Mrs. Preeti Tiwari PRT IIA 02/28/1976 12
59 Ms. Abhilasha Sadhu TGT VIII A 08/09/1995 2
60 Mrs. Sandhya Pandey PRT Subject Teacher 08/14/1983 3
61 Ms. Nikita Toppo SPECIAL EDUCATOR SPECIAL EDUCATOR 07/11/1991 4
62 Ms. Celine Ekka Wellness Teacher Wellness Teacher 12/31/1962 28
63 Mrs. Neelam Minj PRT PHYSICS LAB ASST. 09/05/1987 5
64 Mr. Uttam Vastrakar - CHEMISTRY LAB ATT. 10/04/1985 11
65 Mrs. Rose Bela Ekka - BIOLOGY LAB ATT. 09/08/1985 1
66 Mrs. Jyoti Bala Pandey TGT LIBRARIAN 11/19/1967 12
67 Mrs. Shalini Bagga PGT MUSIC 12/09/1978 15
68 Mr. Shankar Lal Gond TGT MUSIC 02/02/1990 2
69 Mr. Vijay Kumar Sahu PRT COMP. LAB INCHARGE 06/26/1980 3
70 Ms. Neelam Sharma TGT DANCE 09/02/1995 1

The state of the art Computer centre provides ample opportunities to students to get an exposure to IT environment and learn to use various tools and software in their daily life. Less predictably, perhaps, there is a wealth of relevant software available for subjects as Languages and Music. The superbly equipped Computer Lab includes a Distance-Learning Studio for access to a wealth of curriculum and teaching from some of the best institutions in the world.

Infrastructure of the School:

The Concept of the school building is unique. There are two different blocks, Viz one pre-primary block and another for the Primary to senior secondary classes. The pre-primary block is specifically designed to help the children feel at home. Education is imparted here, not merely from books, but also through a planned scheme of activities. The well furnished classrooms are definitely spacious and airy. In addition to this, a play area cum garden with swings and see-saws and merry go rounds for the children, which give an atmosphere of a home away from home. In education friendly infrastructure is spread over 4.18 acres of land ample space for various Sports activity such as indoor and outdoor both.


S. No.
Length (in sq. Mtrs.)
Breadth (in sq. Mtrs.) 
Class Room 
Physics Lab 
Chemistry Lab 
Biology Lab 
Maths Lab 
Computer Science Lab 
Internet Facility(Y/N)  
No. of girls toilets
No. of boys toilets
Other Rooms 
Physical Size
Area of Campus  
(in sq. Mtrs.)  
(in Acres.)  
Built up Area in (in sq. Mtrs.)  
Whether the School at one site or two site
Area of Playground (in sq. Mtrs.)  


We include a library period to 3rd and above classes. We have a good collection of Science, History, Geography, Computer and Literature books. We encourage our students to reading and reasoning through group discussions. As soon as you enter the school library, the books will dazzle your eyes. The school has a rich and vast library. All sorts of books – Science, Arts, and Commerce etc. – scatter radiant rays of knowledge and wisdom. Sundry journal, magazines and newspapers embellish the educational atmosphere and create an appetite for current affairs among the students. Keeping in view the advantage of the library, one library period is made compulsory for all classes. The students are free to borrow books and journals as per the library rules.


Laboratory :-

Students are encouraged to pursue Lab. We have huge well furnished and well equipped Labs for practicals. Ultra – modern and richly equipped laboratories for Physics, Biology, Chemistry etc. are the hallmarks of the school. A good number of maps, charts, models and instruments, decorate these labs.

Computer Lab :-

The School has a two well furnished Labs to impart the knowledge to the children. One for the primary and one for the senior block. The computer lab is installed with the latest programs, in order to ensure that the Students get the most up-to-date knowledge of Information Technology. Students are taken to the Computer labs for practical. Each one is provided the opportunity to operate the computer. Each computer lab has sufficient number of computers for children to work with.

For Pre - Primary :
Monday to Saturday
Nursery 8.00 AM - 11.00 AM
P.P - I 8.00 AM - 11.00 AM
P.P - II 8.00 AM - 11.00 AM
For Class I to X :
Monday to Friday
1st Period 8. 00 AM - 8.45 AM
2nd Period 8.45 AM - 9.25 AM
3rd Period 9.25 AM - 10.05 AM
1st Recess 10.05 AM - 10.25 AM
4th Period 10.25 AM - 11.05 AM
5th Period 11.05 AM - 11.45 AM
6th Period 11.45 AM - 12.20 AM
2nd Recess 12.20 PM - 12.30 PM
7th Period 12.30 PM - 1.05 PM
8th Period 1.05 PM - 1.40 PM
For Class XI to XII :
Monday to Friday
1st Period 8. 00 AM - 8.45 AM
2nd Period 8.45 AM - 9.25 AM
3rd Period 9.25 AM - 10.05 AM
1st Recess 10.05 AM - 10.25 AM
4th Period 10.25 AM - 11.05 AM
5th Period 11.05 AM - 11.45 AM
6th Period 11.45 AM - 12.20 AM
Teachers Leave at 2.00 PM
1st Period 8.00 AM - 8.50 AM
2nd Period 8.50 AM - 9.30 AM
3rd Period 9.30 AM - 10.10 AM
Recess 10.10 AM - 10.20 AM
4th Period 10.20 AM - 10.55 AM
5th Period 10.55 AM - 11.30 AM
Teacher's Leave at 12:30 PM
Office Timings : (Monday to Friday)
School Office : 8.00 AM - 12.20 PM
Principal's meet to Students : 8.00 AM - 8.30 AM
Principal's meet to Parents : 9.00 AM - 10.00 AM
Teacher's meet to Parents : 01.40 PM - 02.00 PM
Manager's Office Timings : 8.30 AM - 10.00 AM
(Office cloased for parents on Saturdays)
Meeting Class Teachers : 11.30 AM - 11.50 AM (Every Second & fourth Saturday)

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