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We form the children into responsible and caring persons, inculcating in them values of discipline punctuality, honesty, obedience and perseverance, so that they may progress in life, becoming integrated personalities. We ensure the development of persons sound in character, sharp in intellect and strong in body, ever willing to help and serve the society in times of need. Thus they fulfill the motto of our school:”GO FORTH TO SERVE” We strive to equip our students with qualities of human values and strength of character to face any odds and oddities in life.



Our mission is to encourage and nurture the overall development of a child in view of academic cum co-curricular excellence with competence securing human values. We aim to provide each and every student an ideal learning environment to grow and excel from the time they begin their educational journey with us. Our highly effective and qualified teachers administer teaching modes that enable students to be knowledgeable learners.


Aim & Objective:

St. Vincent Pallotti School aims to impart good education and discipline in order to make the students better citizens of tomorrow under the below mentioned objectives.
• To imbue in the children thirst for acquiring knowledge.
• To instill in them moral virtues, indispensable in the making of good citizens and good human beings.
• To develop in them a feeling of oneness, communal harmony, religious tolerance and patriotism.
• To make children aware of their glorious past and cultural heritage.
• To inculcate in them deep seated cultural values, which will bring out their essential Indian spirit.
• To prepare them for global citizenship.
• To make education a meaningful and enjoyable experience.
• To cultivate the spirit of public speaking by organizing Assemblies, Elocution, Debates, Quiz and Dramatization.
• To encourage our students in music, Casio, Harmonium, Tablas, individual solo songs, chorus group songs and Dance competition.
• To organize Exhibition, by encouraging Art, Drawing, Painting, Art and craft, and Science workshop and Nature watching.


S. No.  Name Fathers/Spouses Name  Designation in SMC  Occupation with address  Residential Address 
1 Fr. Marianus Xaxa Mr. Thomus Xaxa  Manager  Social Worker/ 27 Kholi, Pallotti Kunj, Bilaspur  27 Kholi, Pallotti, Kunj, Bilaspur 
2 Fr. Oscar Toppo  Mr. Bricius Toppo  Secretary  Social Worker/ 27 Kholi, Pallotti Kunj, Bilaspur  27 Kholi, Pallotti, Kunj, Bilaspur 
3 Fr. Philip Kujur  Mr. Piyush Kujur  Member  Social Worker/Shanti Niwas, Chhatona, Bilaspur  Shanti Niwas, Chhatona, Bilaspur 
4 Fr. Patric Barwa  Mr. Silbanus Barwa  Member  Social Worker/Shanti Niwas, Chhatona, Bilaspur  Shanti Niwas, Chhatona, Bilaspur 
5 Mrs. Anita Ekka  Mr. Felix Ekka  Member/Parents  House Wife/27 Kholi, Bilaspur  27 Kholi, Bilaspur 
6 Mr. Ishak Khalkho  Mr. Marcel Khalkho  Member/Parents  TI/Civil Line, Bilaspur  Vaishnavi Vihar, Uslapur, Bilaspur 
7 Mr. Naresh Naydu  Mr. N. K. R. Naydu  Member  Ex-Corporator/ Municipal Corporation, Bilaspur  27 Kholi, Vikas Nagar, Near Gurudwara, Bilaspur 
8 Mrs. Nirmala Tigga  Mr. Naresh Kumar Tigga  Member/Parents  Teacher/ Govt. Hr. Secondary School, Tifra, Bilasp  Ganga Nagar, Bilaspur 
9 Mrs. Padma Iyer  Mr. R.S.S. Iyer  Member/Teacher  Teacher/ St. Vincent Pallotti School, Bilaspur  SidhhSikhar Vistar, Shanti Nagar, Bilaspur 
10 Sr. Sushila Minj  Mr. Petrus Minj  Member  Principal/ Holy Cross Hr. Sec. School, Bilaspur  Mangla, Bilaspur 
11 Mrs. Anna Frida Ekka  Mr. Venantius Ekka  Member/Parents  SADO/Janjgir  Parijat Extention, Nehru Nagar, Bilaspur 
12 Mr. Alphonce Toppo  Mr. Carlus Toppo  Member  Head Constable/ Chakarbhata, Bilaspur  Police Colony Tifra, Bilaspur 
13 Mr. D. Sharma  Mr. B.P. Sharma Member  UDT/ BEO Office, Bilaspur  Shikshak Colony, Shubham Vihar, Bilaspur 
14 Mrs. Bala Lovett  Mr. Robert Lovett  Member/Parents  House Wife/ Vinoba Nagar, Bilaspur  Vinoba Nagar, Bilaspur