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  • “The best way to find oneself is to lose oneself in the service of others” - unknown

  • ST. VINCENT PALLOTTI SR. SEC. SCHOOL is a vibrant learning school that at its core holds very closely the value of working together to support the growth and development of each individual. I believe that a school must be a success for every child and that can come in many different forms. The educational journey is one that is best shared together and in my view our faith will lead us to achieve more together. I developed a vision ‘dream together’ to find and to live it out.

    The school lives and breathes together united gains supreme summit. A school isn’t just the students, teachers and parents, but whole Society. One that is so well grounded in valuing each and every person, where teachers, parents and students alike welcome friends, family and strangers with sincerity. A school which recognizes and values its religious and national heritage and seeks to involved in the growth and development of a school holistically.

    A staff values the need to support the social and academic development of every single one of their students above all else. Is teachers who inspire students to achieve their full potential and find every opportunity to share best practice with their peers. What they do in their own classrooms is a part of the bigger picture of effective school wide to drive out the best.

    Classrooms, staffrooms and offices must be flexible learning spaces of unity and collaboration. Students, parents and staff members’ shares good news stories that in spires each other to strive for even greater outcomes. Parents actively work alongside teachers to achieve shared goals. Conversations must focus on bringing everyone together because ‘many minds are better than one’.

    I see students owning their learning and knowing that the only way for them to achieve higher result and their full potential is to get stuck in, to innovate and give their very best. Students must believe that school is a success for them with the best achievements and that each and every day is a new opportunity to shine in so many different ways. Students should use technology to support their learning and development. They should appreciate that the school values them as an individual with their unique potentials, talents values them and in turn provides opportunities for them to do the things they love and are talented in.

    Above all else I dream our school as a place where we find strength in caring. Our school being place where smiling faces shine brightly and the sounds of laughter fill the grounds and where every day is a new opportunity for everyone to achieve futuristic dreams with their full potential.